ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS – Natalie Johnson:“Classical or contemporary; architectural photography can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Here are some pointers to help you get started…”
PHOTO: fatboyk(LUC)

GRITTY GRUNGY OUTDOOR PORTRAITS Part 1 – Charlie Borland: “The gritty, grungy look for people is a popular look these days and if you Googled those in search terms you would find a wide variety of approaches from other photographers. If you shoot outdoor adventure type images you might want to add an edgy style to your images. This is the first in a series of 5 posts that illustrate the different approaches “

UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY – Lauren Margolis: “Underwater photography is a special breed. Caribbean stock and underwater photographer Steve Simonsen is one such specialist who has made his life’s work under water. He broke his strategy down into 5 factors that have led him to success.”

Rewatch of Guy Kawasaki On ChaseJarvis LIVE – Chase Jarvis: “Whether you caught the LIVE show or missed it, I recommend pressing play on the #cjLIVE rewatch video. You’ll see why it was one of the most popular shows we’ve run. More than just funny and talented, Kawasaki is a fountain of knowledge on lofty topics like branding, marketing, and vision–down to really specific, actionable checklists for getting your art, photography, product, or gadget noticed.

BECOME AN ASSISTANT – Dean: “Assistantships can pave the way to a career in photography but do you need to complete a boot camp just to help a photographer? According to William Sullivan, a 22-year photography veteran, photographers who have been assistants: ‘are better at lighting, have better production skills, are better able to produce the images that their clients are hiring them for, are better at dealing with clients and their crew, and are more secure with the knowledge of their own abilities and thus have the ability to instantly transition between the technical and the creative during a shoot’.”

PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD – 7 Most Common Food Photography Crimes (and How to Save Yourself) – Neel: “Some of those photos can be improved by changes some techniques, while in other cases, photographer needs to understand the fundamentals of photography. The seven most common crimes and how to avoid them. The most effectively wrong photos combine more than one of the following.

How I Got That Shot – Royce Bair. Shooting NightscapesA professional illustrative photographer since 1973, and an international lecturer on photography since 1982. As a photographer, writer, and entrepreneur, he has built and sold five photo-related businesses. He and his wife, Linda, are now shooting stock photography while they continue to share their knowledge and experience through workshops and blogs. SOURCE:
PHOTO: Royce Bair