LAUNCHING — A Nature Photography Business – Charlie Borland: “Every once in a while I get an email from a reader or a student about how to take their
photography passion and turn it into a business. I have carefully answered those who have inquired with information I feel is relevant to the times and while some things have changed, much remains the same. I have compiled these ideas into the 10 most important steps I believe are crucial to finding success in today’s market:

WORD TO THE WISE: Five things to consider before sharing photos and videos online Whether you are an aspiring professional photographer, videographer or just someone who wants to share your unique content with others while still getting credit for it, here are five things Robbins suggests you consider before sharing your work online:

Photographing Cars Is Basically Like Photographing Mirrors – (Scott Bourne) I’ve been shooting cars on a regular basis lately. I, like everyone struggle with the specular highlights and reflections that cars produce. I have learned five quick tricks that will make your next car shoot easier.